About Us


Rabasotho Combined School is the first independent and co-educational school established in the informal settlement of Diepsloot in 1999 at that time where there were no schools established within a 10km radius.


Mr. Basil Lenkoe is the founding member and director of the Rabasotho Combined School together with its sister schools, Johweto Combined School and Thulamntwana Combined School. His personal motto is which the schools live by is “to transform lives by equipping children with education, life skills and a nurturing environment.”


Over the years, thousands of Diepsloot residents have been educated by the school, matriculated and have changed their lives in the process.


Our Vision

Rabasotho Combined School strives to be the provider of excellent education to those who were previously marginalized.

Campus life

Our Mission

Through exposing learners to quality programmes and resources to stimulate their learning and boost their confidence. So that they can take pride in making a productive contribution to their own country and be global players.


Our Values

Integrity, Tolerance and Respect.